Aikido as foundation

tekens op papier enBoth at work as well as in the martial art it is about interaction between people. Only by cooperating, you can achieve your goals as an organisation.

But when people start pushing against each other, they get stuck in the situation. In the Aikido philosophy the core principle is the intention to work it out together, rather than wanting to win at the expense of the other. Taking account of this principle, Aikido teaches you to deal with you environment from a relaxed stance. Your energy keeps on flowing. It makes you flexible and open, also in challenging situations. Not pushing back, not giving yourself up, but moving with the flow. From your own power, without losing touch with the other. That is how you keep the flow and can influence the situation rather than block it.

You will see more possibilities and are able to think along. By staying relaxed you can keep a better overview of the situation and take better decisions. You learn to achieve more with less effort.
The use of the Japanese martial art Aikido as philosophy and physical method of working in training and coaching works to increase your personal and collective effectiveness and to grow in your personal development and leadership.

Learning by physical experience
Each program contain simple physical exercises, based on Aikido. The participants will literally experience the effect of a challenging situation, mentally, emotionally and physically. This gives them direct insight from which to learn and that is the key to the desired transformation. When you are aware of the signals in your body when things get challenging, you can learn to use these physical reactions in a constructive way rather than to lapse into automatic, reactive behaviour.

Intensity physical exercises
The exercises have been developed in such a way that they are light and accessible for everyone. It is about the insight you gain from the experience. The physical situation serves as enlarged version and metaphor for daily situations. After each exercise people get space to reflect on the experience. They can also connect it to their own situations at work..

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a young Japanese martial art, developed early 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba. It literally translates into ‘the way (do) of harmony (ai) with energy (ki)’. The Aikido techniques originate in old traditional Japanese fighting arts and samurai traditions.

Aikido accepts that there is conflict and aggression in the world. However, an Aikido practitioner does not react from fear, passivity or the urge to win. The effectiveness of Aikido does not come from muscle power but from an optimal use of the force and movement of the opponent. By doing so, attack and defence don’t get into confrontation.
How odd it may sound for a martial art, Aikido aims at reaching harmony (ai) and not inflicting physical injury. The opposed forces are being unified, without unnecessarily adding anything. Hence, there is no competition in Aikido. One practices the art in order to improve one’s own technique and not “for the purpose of winning.” If there is a battle at all, it is the battle with oneself.

The core of Aikido technique is to move from a stable and energetic ‘centre’, called hara. The emphasis is on the development of a better unity between body and mind.
Regular Aikido training helps you develop your flexibility, coordination and adaptability. The physical practice of the key principles of Aikido leads to a better understanding and brings essential skills in dealing with challenging situations as well as solving tension and conflict. The concentration and discipline, necessary for Aikido training, make you sharp in daily life.

Do you recognise this? Successfully responding to and achieving change often fails due to habitual behaviours.
It is not necessarily unwillingness. Human nature and reality simply are obstinate.
Your potential to navigate change stands or falls with your ability to break through fixed patterns and habits and subsequently substituting them with new ones.
That requires courage!
My work will support you to grow and practice this courage.

Empower yourself, empower your team
Lead lasting change!

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